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Officially Vegan?

I hesitate to say I’m officially vegan…I’m on my 3rd meal for goodness sake.  But so far I’m loving this decision.  I like the quality of food I’m putting in my body and I feel full which was my main concern.  Cutting out all of that dairy and meat was in my mind cutting out things that fill me up, but alas I was wrong.

As with any major life shift and how you eat is major in my opinion, it takes time, effort and support from those around you.  I’ll say my husband has been very on-board with this whole thing.  He’s going to have to eat basically vegan because I don’t have time to cook one vegan and one non-vegan meal.  It’s a very important thing to have his support on this!

I started this blog to chronicle my journey to feeling better.  You may see me make lots more choices about diet and exercise.  Some may be stupid, some smart, some that will stick, some that won’t.  I encourage you to share your stories and experiences with diet and exercise with me…I’m pretty sure I can learn a thing or two from you.

Ok, so one photo…Last night I made tofu for the first time.  I’m pretty adventurous with food and cooking, so it’s pretty shocking I’ve gotten along without cooking tofu. In any case, here’s the photo of my tofu sauté.


Adieu for now!

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